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Meet Newggy, the kindest, sweetest and friendliest little elephant in the whole wide world!

Express your feelings and emotions, inspire and reach others, quip and quibble, announce and invite and describe the wonderfully complex and quizzical nature of life through Newggy’s extensive collection of hand-drawn stickers.

Guaranteed to outsmart and out-cute everyone in your iMessage conversations. 

Be inspired by Newggy’s fearless spirit, his optimistic personality, his entrepreneurial resolve and his fun-loving expressions with this unique set of emojis and vignettes.

This sticker pack has been approved by Newggy himself to be used every day and on special and seasonal occasions!

But who is Newggy? Where did he come from? How come he is so sweet and cute? So loving and caring? How old is he? Why is he wearing clothes? Does he like peanuts? What does he do for a living? What is his story? Does he have any siblings?  Keep an eye on new sticker pack additions and other media to learn more about the wonderful world of Newggy, The Little New Guy.

Newggy, the little friendly elephant
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